We know that the society is getting increasingly concerned about our environment; so does Lotus Acoustics, being a member of the Earth village. We are devoted to supply high-quality acoustic products in environmentally friendly manner.

Our products are manufactured using least energy input. The manufacturing process is streamlined and carefully monitored to reuse materials wherever possible. Waste discharge is also maintained at minimum.

We also choose our raw materials carefully. For example, our Lotus Verdant decorative panels are manufactured using fast-growing bamboo, avoiding additional deforestation. Many of the raw materials used are also degradable, preventing from long-term impact to our environment.

By streamlining our own production process and carefully choosing suppliers, Lotus Acoustics is capable to deliver high-performance, green acoustics products without costing extra to our customers. We sincerely hope that we can provide your eyes and ears the best pleasure within reasonable costs, and without harms to our environment.
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