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The need for greater sound control when using windows and doors becomes more important today. With the fact that the best sound reducing glass cannot do its job if air leaks or cracks allow sound to travel around or through the glass in mind, Lotus Acoustics provides double glazed doors and windows with uPVC profiles and acoustic laminated glasses which can largely eliminate noise travels through cracks of windows and doors. With the right glass combinations, sound reduction of impressive level can be easily achieved.

They are very useful for Asia Pacific regions, especially in the summer, because they can admit the light without the heat. Compared with clear glass, double-glazed windows can save between 30 and 60 percent of energy, depending on the material used. Unlike reflective or tinted windows, double-glazed windows do not filter out sunlight, but block the heat instead; they reduce the need to switch on the light when it is still bright outside. Thus this would not only help reduce noise but also save much of the energy consumption of both the air conditioning and the lighting.

Our Soundproofing Doors also exhibit eminent acoustical property by making use of viscoelastic compound and advanced seals. All our seals are manufactured from Thermoplastic which has unique characteristics like high elasticity, excellent soundproofing, weatherproof, full fire and smoke control, UV stabilised and non shrinkable.

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Soundproofing Doors and Windows:

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