Lotus Acoustics Diffusers are used to maintain the acoustic energy in a room, but at the same time removing strong echoes. Typically, echoes are combated by absorption materials. However, using diffusion to control interfering reflections is often preferable for preserving a sound field without eliminating the natural ambiance. With Lotus Acoustics Diffusers, you can easily improve the speech intelligibility and the overall listening environment within a room without adding excessive amounts of sound absorption materials.

Controlling low frequency sound is harder than controlling mid or high frequency sound and generally requires more effort and expense. Lotus Acoustics Bass Traps effectively capture low frequency sound to acoustically tune a room yet in a cost-effective price. They are useful in the acoustic treatment of home theatres, recording studios and other settings built to provide a critical listening environment. Place in room corners for best absorption. Unlike many acoustic tube traps and bass traps which are made of fibreglass, mineral wool, and other harmful, unnatural materials, Lotus Acoustics Bass Traps are made of only natural, eco-friendly sound absorbing materials.
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