Does customization mean I have to increase my budget for the project drastically? Not necessarily.

It is true that customization does not cost the same as standard product parts. However, Lotus Acoustics, being specialized in delivering high-quality customizable acoustic products to our customers, has streamlined our manufacturing process for maximum flexibility. Our manufacturers are readily capable to tailor-make products upon receiving your request.

Hence, Lotus Acoustics can provide you the option of customization within reasonable cost. It may even be possible that our products save you money for your whole acoustic projects by providing you the flexibility that otherwise costs you much more using standard parts!
Lotus Acoustics knows clearly that every person has his/her individual preferences and requirements. Hence we offer a wide range of highly customizable acoustic products to suit every need.

Most of the Lotus Acoustics products can be customized in sizes, dimensions, colors, and even shapes and properties.

Customization in Lotus Acoustics does not only restricted to manufacturing your product according to your specification. Our professional team of acoustic engineers and designers can also discuss with you to find out the best product and customization that fit best to your application. We then establish a detailed manufacturing plan tailored for your requirement - at the same time maintaining our green, innovative and safe consistencies.
Fully-Customized Products:
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