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Lotus Culminate® Tile

Lotus Culminate® Tiles feature a fine textured, non-directional surface for increased durability and superior light reflectance. When it comes to acoustic performance and design flexibility, Lotus Culminate® Tiles offer the best of both worlds. A monolithic, fine-textured visual consistently into different parts of the building can be done easily with Lotus Culminate® Tiles with performance attributes suited to the needs of particular spaces. The washable, impact-resistant surface resists scratches, thus minimizing the need for frequent panel replacement. It also makes the panels more resistant to HVAC soiling.

Available in a variety of standard, non-standard and custom shapes and sizes, Lotus Culminate® Tiles are resistance to mold/mildew and inherent bacterial growth. They are made of recycled material and provide excellent sound absorption. They are widely used in commercial, hospitals, malls and other areas. Their regular edge best fits with the grid system.

Available Design

3 designs to choose your preference from.

Lotus Acoustics
Sound Design, Reliable Products

Typical applications for the 
Lotus Culminate® Tiles include:

Theaters, studios, offices, training rooms, restaurants and public meeting places such as worship centers and government facilities.
Classrooms, multi-purpose rooms, gymnasiums and lecture halls.
Home theaters, offices and gyms.