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Lotus Comfy® Panel

Lotus Comfy® Panels are green sound absorption and insulation panels made of 100% environmental-friendly raw materials. Lotus Comfy® Panels provide impressive sound absorption performance. Their NRC value can be up to 0.75. Lotus Comfy® Panels are safe, odorless, easy to maintain and economical. They have been rapidly replacing the usage of fiberglass due to advantages such as environmental friendly and safe.


Lotus Comfy® Panels can be applied to (but not limited to):
Machine Room
Call Center
Common Application: Theaters, offices, auditoriums, studios, internal partitions, etc., where sound quality is crucial for intelligibility and enjoyment. It is also adopted in crowded, noisy areas to reduce noise level.

Lotus Comfy® panel can be incorporated into design process or retrofitted once construction has been completed, they provide an excellent option for resolving reverberation problems at any stage of building fitout.

Outstanding acoustic performance:

The sound absorption performance of Lotus Comfy® Panels are impressive. Their NRC can be up to 0.75.
Environmental friendly:

Our panels are green acoustical product. They are made of 100% recyclable materials. They contain no harmful substance.
Appealing and decorative appearance:

The nice appearance of Lotus Comfy® Panels can help you to create a elegant and quiet living space.
Moisture resistant:

Lotus Comfy® Panels have good moisture resistant property. They are highly durable.
Wide range of colors and patterns:

Lotus Comfy® Panels offer wide range of colors and patterns. We even provide custom color and pattern to be printed on the panel!
Easy and flexible application:

Lotus Comfy® Panels are strong in texture and light in weight. They are resistant to shocking and hitting. They can be cut and installed easily.
Good insulation property:

Asides from the remarkable acoustical performance. Lotus Comfy® Panels also have good insulation property. They can trap the heat of the sunlight and save energy.
Lotus Comfy®
Core: High efficiency absorbing material
Thickness: various
Panel (W): 600mm
Panel (L): 600/800/1200/2400mm
NRC Rating: 0.75

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