Lotus Acoustics was established in 2009 specializing in decorative interior products for sound absorption, sound diffusion, sound reflection, and noise control applications. It has been involved on several major commercial projects in Macau since then. By collaborating with Architects, Consultants, and Designers throughout the world and calling upon the knowledge and experience of our specialized team that has won extensive recognition in acoustic area, we commit to provide the best in products and service through innovation in design and continually create new and innovative acoustic products. We supply a series of professional acoustic control products including the sound absorbing and noiseproofing products for all types of projects and environments.
Lotus Acoustics is committed to environmentally conscious building and adopted sustainable solutions which intend to be a big part of the green friendly future. Our products are produced with minimal toxic wastes and recycled materials wherever possible.

We sincerely believe that our products can fulfil requirement of different sectors for acoustic enjoyment and comfort in an affordable price. Please feel free to contact our professional service team for further information and enquiries or check out our distributor network.
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